About us


FoodretailforItaly started in the heart of Italian Food Valley from the experience of Grow up and Esse&ffe companies working with many Italian chain stores.

I have always thought that mixing your passion with your work is the perfect formula for giving the best to your clients and partners.

That is how FoodretailforItaly was created – fruit of the passion for my Country and of my love for its good gastronomic. Italians do love good food, but good food does not have to be Italian. Also, food is certainly one of the best ways to know a country.

Actually, taking the tastes of another country to Italy means taking a piece of the tradition of that country onto Italian tables. It is a way of introducing a country to those who have never visited it.

That is why my team and I offer our experience in the field of the Italian food mass retail channel and our professional advice: to help those who want to take the quality and tastes of their countries onto the Italian tables.

Franco Scrinzi