Published 07/10/2014

Interview with Mr. Franco Scrinzi for FoodretailforItaly

The following is the excerpt of an interview with Mr. Franco Scrinzi, owner of FoodretailforItaly, made on occasion of the launch of this new project:

1) Mr. Scrinzi, the FoodretailforItaly project has just entered the international food market but can rely on strong Italian roots, right?
Yes, indeed. FoodretailforItaly was born in the Italian Food valley, in the heart of the made-in-Italy food production. My staff and I have been working in the Italian food sector for many years now, and the experience we have all gained in the Italian food market made us think to try opening our boundaries and help foreign companies in taking their quality products onto the Italian tables.

2) To any Italian company, your name means reliability and success, but how would you describe your activity to foreign companies that still don’t know you?
Well, since our company was born and has grown in Italy we can definitely say we know our market… besides, we are Italian! I do love my country and good food, but good food doesn’t necessarily have to be Italian. There are millions of Italians who like genuine, high quality food just like I do. Food is one of the pleasures of life – it involves culture, tradition, history and passion. Moreover, eating and tasting are emotional experiences. A common experience for people who travel abroad consists in discovering a new taste or food and then looking for it in the supermarkets in Italy. This happens because tastes convey memories. Well, this is our activity: we take foreign tastes and quality onto Italians’ tables.

3) You talked about passion, love for good Italian food. We cannot avoid mentioning “I love Italian food”, then ...
Yes, right, I love Italian food: no name could better reflect my thinking (he laughs)! I love Italian food is such a wide and relevant community that it actually doesn’t need any introduction at all. We are proud to be partners of this important project aimed at promoting the Italian good food values all over the world. In fact, besides our personal relations with Alessandro Schiatti – founder of I love Italian food community (autor’s note) –, what we have in common is precisely our passion for Italian food culture. This passion embraces Italian tastes, but is increasingly opening to foreign countries.

4) The Italian food market is certainly interesting for many foreign companies – how do you evaluate the single cases?
“Evaluating” is the right word. Every market has got its specific features, precise mechanisms and must comply with its Country’s rules. Italian producers are well aware of all this, but foreign producers could tend to apply the sale mechanisms of their own Countries, thus making a huge mistake – and it is not that infrequent. It is therefore extremely important to make a strategic choice right at the beginning, since not all products can be sold on all markets. I think this is a great point of strength: being able to say ‘no’. Expertise consists in evaluating and choosing a product for its quality, because we know it will be successful on the market. Moreover, every product must be considered as unique and needs to be followed throughout its marketing process, to guarantee the success it deserves.

5) So how would you answer to the foreign company’s question : “Why should I choose FoodretailforItaly?”
Because FoodretailfoItaly is the most professional way to reach Italians’ tables.