Published 04/11/2014

Interview with Mr. Alessandro Schiatti

The following is the excerpt of an interview with Mr. Alessandro Schiatti, founder of I love Italian food community:

1. Can you briefly introduce your association, please?

Our Association started with the aim of promoting and preserving the made-in-Italy food sector. Food is one of Italy’s sexiest aspects in the world, but Germany still exports almost twice as much food than Italy does and its Italian-sounding turnover amounts to sixty billion euro per year. This is why we decided to promote knowledge and passion for real made-in-Italy food and we have been doing it by dialoguing with over three million users and Italian food lovers from all over the world, New York and Tehran recording the highest numbers.

2. On what occasion did you meet Franco Scrinzi and his staff?

Franco was my first boss, twenty years ago, when I started my job career. I can therefore say he was my mentor and one of the reasons of my love for food.

3. Have you cooperated on other common projects through the years?

In twenty years we have always kept in contact and had many opportunities to cooperate.

4. Please give us a few adjectives to describe your collaboration

I have always admired Franco’s determination and pragmatism, as well his ability to combine these two aspects with his huge passion for the products he works on. Our collaboration has always been based on these characteristics and this is why he was one of the first persons I contacted and involved in our big I Love Italian Food project.