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Food reatil for Italy partner of I love Italian Food

What do FoodretailforItaly and I love Italian food have in common? Passion for the Italian culture of good food. The Italian food market is based on traditions that happily mix with new tastes – this is the Italian culture we base our work on, the same culture I love Italian food shares with its web community all over the world.

I love Italian food is a network that gathers good food lovers from all over the world under the banner of Italian food culture and includes renowned chefs and big suppliers, journalists and food bloggers. They are all united by the passion for good food and for the quality products Italians love taking onto their tables.

FoodretailforItaly is proud to be partner of I love Italian food and to share the values it has promoted all over the world: the values of the Italian cooking tradition, which is increasingly opening to and mixing with tastes from other countries.