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Food Retail for Italy working on retail solutions
The experience we gained working in close contact with the food chain stores and with important brands in the Italian food sector has allowed us to broaden our knowledge of the Italian food market and refine our skills in recognizing its ever- changing needs.

We know the chain stores of the food sector, with their specific characteristics and values, as well as the tastes of their customers all over Italy.

Since not all products can be sold on all markets and forcing certain processes would imply high risks, our work is based on a constant, careful evaluation of products and markets.

Our team focuses on each project individually, carrying out researches, market and assortment analyses to reduce the risks and increase the profits of the producer. We can offer you a personalized assistance to best suit your needs. It ranges from packaging and brand restyling, to the development of the most convenient pricing, to finding the best ways to make your product meet the standards of the Italian market.

Our knowledge of the Italian food market also allows us to suggest which chain stores best suit your product and what cities or regions can be more profitable for you.

Our team of expert consultants offers its experience and knowledge to help you evaluate and improve your product, to adapt it to the Italian food market and its consumers:

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