Your key to Italy

Team of Food retail for Italy at work

Just like in any other country, the mass retail segment in Italy is regulated by precise rules, which determine the features of the distribution system and the quality standards of sellable products.

Each food chain store has got its specific features and values, so each of them is perceived differently by consumers. Moreover, the single outlets of these chains are not homogeneously distributed over the Italian area – in fact, major variations can be found among different regions. Therefore, evaluating the best solutions for accessing Italy with one's company or product is not so easy.

That is why FoodretailforItaly puts its team at the disposal of foreign producers: to help them take their quality products onto the Italian tables.

We are ready to follow you and focus on your product – from developing its packaging to finding the best pricing policies. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the sector and to the loyalty of Italian chain store buyers, we are able to find the right key to success for your product in the Italian market.

FoodretailforItaly, your shortcut to Italian tables.