Make your product speak Italian

Italy has always been associated with excellent cooking and with the authentic taste of its products. As a matter of fact, Italians' love for good food is not limited to Italy, but crosses its boundaries and reaches far and wide, also overseas.

Italians are curious about the culinary traditions they do not know or know only in part. They love discovering new tastes combinations, and playing with them. From haute cuisine chefs to housewifes who shop at the supermarket, Italians are well aware of the fact that good cooking is based on excellent products.

The Italian food market is extremely open to products and tastes from other countries, but foreign producers have to remember that selling their food products in Italy is not like selling them in their homeland. Just like any other market, the Italian food market and its retail channels have precise standards a product must meet. It is therefore necessary to know the Italian food market and mass retail channel before making any action.

Our long experience collaborating with Italian chain store buyers has allowed us to know the food market as concerns retail standards and consumer's needs – in both cases, product quality is the keyword.